Ignited: confira entrevista concedida ao site finlandês Chaoszine

A banda catarinense de heavy metal Ignited concedeu uma entrevista ao website finlandês Chaoszine, onde falou sobre seu álbum de estreia, "Steelbound", o cenário musical no sul do Brasil e as consequências da pandemia do coronavirus para a música. Confira um trecho abaixo:

How can the arts and culture recover from the blow suffered during the pandemic? Specifically in Brazil, what do you think the chances are in terms of governmental incentives, both at local and nationwide levels?

Dalton Castro: Arts and culture are indispensable in a society that wants to move forward, intellectually speaking. But we know that is not the case with Brazil nowadays, where we now face a wave of ignorance, ostentation, and evil in the air, with the artistic sector seen as something useless in the eyes of those that are currently in power, which is truly shameful. I don’t believe there is a solution in sight without shoulder-to-shoulder support by all those involved in rock and metal. We must bet on the growing of the movement, day after day. We need to be part of a culture that sees potential in our friends’ bands and support one another. To me, that matters a lot, and I try to live by it as much as I can. The vision we have of our dreams is what may lead us through all adversities, step by step.

A matéria completa está disponível em https://chaoszine.net/ignited-meet-the-brazilian-power-metal-band-that-delivers-an-energetic-and-aggressive-sound/