My Threnody


My Threnody was born in Boston in 1996 as a side project by Jeff Britto (cofounder of the Brazilian Doom Metal band Silent Cry). Between 1996 and 2008, Jeff released two demos, two full length albums, an EP and a single.
Ten years later, My Threnody featured with a new track on the compilation “American Black Legion” and there are plans to release a new album soon.



Album – 2007

Trancending Misery

EP – 2005

The Dawn of Understanding

Album – 2005

Angel and the Eternal Silence

Album – 2002

Songs for the Sorrowful Souls

Demo – 2001


J. Britto: Todos os Instrumentos


J. Britto – Todos os Instrumentos

Local: Governador Valadares – MG
Formação: 1996
Gênero: Dark Metal